Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Recently, I joined Pinterest. (You can follow the link in the sidebar to my boards.) I was skeptical at first; there are so many blogs and sharing sites. I found I love being able to 'bookmark' inspirational images and sites by using a visual. Over the past weeks, I've pinned a lot of interesting things, including some vintage typography. You can visit the BibliOdyssey blog post here to see some examples of the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps that inspired my piece. I went for an old paper look and threw in some decorative elements. 'Merry Christmas' was hand drawn, scanned, and digitized. The moderate amount of work I did on this piece really made me appreciate the old techniques. Every designer needs to know what goes in to something as simple as a word.

Have a happy holiday everyone!

Merry Christmas
original digital art
© Rachael Sinclair, 2011