Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pop Inspiration: Fringe

Science fiction isn't for everyone, but one thing's for sure, it's a wild ride. A few weeks ago, television viewers waved goodbye to the dimension/timeline-jumping fun that was Fringe. Not only did the writing tease the boundaries of science, but it challenged our feelings and how we connect with the people and world we love.

Among the relationships in Fringe I found particularly poignant was the relatively short-lived father/son bond between the former Observer September (now Donald) and Michael. The episode 'The Boy Must Live' gave us this amazingly deep, yet outwardly simple show of affection and communication between the two.

The Boy Must Live
original illustration © Rachael Sinclair

I challenge you to find something inspirational in the immeasurable worlds of science fiction. One of the taglines for the show was "Imagine the Impossibilities". That's what I like to take from science fiction; not a cold, sparse landscape of scoured alien soil, but infinite worlds of beauty and constant learning where the word 'impossible' isn't so limiting after all.