Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Color Flavor: Mesquite

With summer comes the joy of grilling. If one is resourceful, an entire meal can be prepared out of doors. While some prefer gas and others charcoal, many add a touch of smoke to their meal by adding wood chips. The varied, tepid tones of mesquite chips can really spice up design as well.

Mesquite is a small tree, usually shrub size, that grows in the desert and range lands of the southwestern United States and as far south as parts of southern and western South America. It is a hardy plant that withstands droughts because of its long taproot. Used for many things, mesquite is perhaps most well-known as a smoke flavoring for southwestern foods. When the hardwood chips are soaked prior to use on the grill, the deep colors are amplified.

The colors of wood grain run the gamut from the usual umber and chocolate to a bright mustard gold. When combined with the browns, the tinted yellow adds a great deal of interest. In design, these colors are tailor-made for masculine or earthy brands and themes. Food branding is a given for this scheme that is warm, rich, and spicy. Take, for example, this branding for Vint Coffee. It uses all of the tones of mesquite, showcasing the striking gold. The branding brings to mind a classic, easy sense of comfort while maintaining a contemporary style.

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In interior design, the colors work best in rooms where you really want to add energy and warmth all at once. Kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms benefit from the gold's soothing vigor and the tones naturally work well with wood floors and furnishings. These colors alone may seem bland to some, so feel free to spice up the mood with some graphic print on furniture, pillows, or art. Here, the yellow is used as an accent with Cinnamon Brandy (Behr 23OD-7), Honey Bear (Behr 34OD-4), and Oyster (Behr W-B-720).

Finding inspiration from nature is easy and to find it in food, simply follow your nose and taste buds. The most alluring foods can bring some amazing colors to your life.

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