Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Bright Place to Lay Their Heads

I was browsing blogs one day and came across a post on Made about ConKerr Cancer: A Case for Smiles. The fabric used in the post caught my eye and I read the post, not really knowing what it was about. When I learned about ConKerr and what they do, I decided I had to help. ConKerr Cancer distributes handmade pillowcases to children in hospitals. Those pillowcases help to bring a little warmth and comfort in a scary time.

I took down my measurements and went shopping, eventually buying enough fabric for ten pillowcases. I used the 'hot-dog' method, something you can find on ConKerr's site. The tutorial on Made is great too. Once I got started, the cases became easier and easier to construct. I loved watching them come together.

If you sew, even if you're just starting out, these cases are a relatively easy project that really warm the heart. Visit ConKerr's site, linked above, for complete details and a list of representatives in your area. They made me smile and I hope they will do the same for the children.

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  1. oh wow! You made a bunch! Thanks for sharing with me :)
    - dana