Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Something for the Fans

I'm a little bit of a nerd. Geek. Fangirl? I have lots of things that bring me joy and movies and television factor into that quite a bit. Hey, they're creative too! Recently, I've been trying to perfect a new digital drawing technique. It's been lots of fun and gave me a couple of great piece ripe for fan convention season. These pieces sprang from the desire to have something of my own for a few stars to sign at the upcoming FandomFest.

First up, we have the Man They Call Jayne. I wanted to portray Firefly and Serenity's Jayne Cobb in startled readiness, but I wasn't finding the right image. What's a fangirl to do? Well, I made it up. With a lot of imagination and posing in the mirror, I finally had my Jayne, complete with damaged calm.
The Man They Call Jayne
Original illustration © Rachael Sinclair

Next came the Enigmatic Dr. Scully. The X-Files has been a love of mine since the first episode in 1993. Scully's loyalty to her partner was admirable, even when she was jet lagged and covered in unknown substances.

The Enigmatic Dr. Scully
Original illustration © Rachael Sinclair

Each of these pieces are available for purchase on my Society6 store. The print quality is quite good and I've left great spaces for celebrity signatures. If you're off to a convention soon, I hope it's amazing. Just remember, everything you love, the things that influence you, they were once someone's simple idea. Go out and create. You never know where it will go!

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