Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Idea Seeds: Firefly

Idea Seeds are like creative word association. Pick a word then create. See where your mind takes you. This entry's Idea Seed is firefly. Do you remember chasing fireflies as a child? Do their twinkling lights against the sunset take you back to that summer when you learned to ride your bike without training wheels? What do you think of when you hear the word 'firefly'?

"Come Fly With Me"
vector illustration
© Rachael Sinclair 2010


  1. Oh cool!

    Love the contrails in the sky too ♥

  2. I actually thought of the TV series first, no surprise! We called these "lightning bugs", or really "lightnin'" bugs. I think I actually saw them first in your part of the country. My "aunts" (greats, actually) lived somewhere in KY (I was like 5), near a railroad track, and I'd watch for the bugs, chase them around, and catch them in a jar.

    Therefore, fireflies make me think of "Poppy"; it was his side of the family we'd visit on that long drive from Florida. I'd entertain myself in the back of the white van, playing with those "invisible ink" books.

    (Oh, was I supposed to notice the art? Well, I think I like everything except the contrails, because I love little bugs and the sunset.

  3. I added the contrails because I sort of think of them too when I think of sunsets in the summer. I call them lightnin' bugs myself most of the time. I mean, I am from Kentucky. LOL! I can't say I'm surprised you thought of Joss' Firefly. I kinda do too. :)